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How to decide where you’re going to live now your separating

Now that you’ve decided to Separate you’ve probably been wondering…

Where You’re Going to Live


Where you decide to live will play a crucial role in the future parenting arrangements for your children. If you are considering a shared care type of arrangement (week about) you need to consider living close together. If you can co-operate, co-parent with your former partner and live close together then a shared care arrangement may be something to consider.

If living close together isn’t possible and the communication between you and your former partner is volatile then this may not be the best parenting arrangement to consider as this can place additional stress on both yourself & your child(ren) and this may not be in the child(ren)’s best interests.

If you are unsure about what to do? Please call us so that we can begin to assist you through your separation process and provide you with advice on the best thing to do for your situation as everyone’s circumstances are different.

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