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parenting plan

So, What is a Parenting Plan?

You have separated/divorced but you need to work out where the kids will live and when they will spend time with the other parent. What about Christmas? Easter? Birthdays? You probably haven’t even thought about that yet…

Parenting Plan

We can help you plan your time with your children in advance so that you will know where the kids have to be each year and when. We put these arrangements in a document called a Parenting Plan so that you and your ex don’t have to argue about how to split your child’s birthday next time that special day rolls around. You can just follow the “Parenting Plan”! IT’S EASY!

What should I think about

  • Where will the children live?
    Eg with mum, with dad or in a shared type basis

  • When will they spend time with the other parent?
    Eg from the conclusion of school on Friday to the commencement of school the following Friday morning or from 9am Saturday to 9am Sunday

  • What your family does on Christmas Day each year and what your ex’s family do?

  • Is Easter Sunday special to you or do you just wish to share the Easter long weekend with your ex?

  • Is it important that the children see you on your birthday? Or will a phone call suffice that day and you can celebrate when you see them next?

  • How realistic is it for you to see the children on their birthdays if it’s a school/work day? Can you pick them up from school that day and bring them back at 6pm so that the other parent can spend time with them before bed? Or is it better to just celebrate with them on the following weekend?

  • Are you happy for the kids to spend time with Mum on Mother’s Day and Dad on Father’s Day?

  • Where will you collect and/deliver the children to the other parent at the commencement/conclusion of your time with the kids? School? One of your houses? McDonald’s, the local shops?

  • Are you happy for each parent to be able to take the kids overseas? Who will keep the passports?

  • How will school holidays be shared between you as parents? Half and half? Week about?

Parenting Plans are great for parents that are amicable and keen to co-parent their children. They are also great for couples that have just separated and aren’t sure if the new arrangement will work.

You can change them if you need by creating a new Parenting Plan to include the changes. They are a great starting point.

We can help you create the perfect Parenting Plan for you and your family. Call us now to make an appointment on 1300 768 719.