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So You’re Going to Court…

Going to Court can be a daunting experience, especially if you are not prepared!

Here are some of my tips for preparing for Court:

Seek Legal Advice

Seek legal advice

No matter what stage your matter is at, it’s always a good idea to speak to a professional and obtain legal advice prior to heading off to Court.

File Your Material on Time

File your material on time

You should ensure ensure that you file your material in accordance with the Court Rules or any direction of the Court. Having material before the Court will assist the Court in knowing what Orders you are seeking.


Have copies of your documents on hand

Take a copy of your documents with you to Court.

Be there on time

It is important to attend each Court date and arrive on time. Arrive at Court with sufficient time to locate the courtroom and get organised.

Dress Neat

Dress neatly

There are no strict rules as to what you should wear to Court however you should be mindful to dress appropriately. Neat, smart casual is a good start. Avoid T-shirts and clothing with inappropriate or offensive slogans.

Dress Neatly

Be courteous

You should be mindful to speak respectfully to the Judge, Court staff and the other party whilst at Court. Refrain from using profanities or aggressive behaviour.

Know Your Case

Know your case

Prepare your case and know the main points to tell the Judge. It is often useful to prepare dot-points of your main arguments and take with them to Court with you. Some people benefit from rehearsing these points.

If you need assistance in preparing for Court, call us on 1300 768 719 to see how we might be able to help.