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Parenting Arrangements and COVID-19

The past few weeks and months have been challenging to say the least. With the constantly evolving situation with COVID-19 here in Australia and around the world, many of us have faced a number of challenges and changes.

The Government, in response to the pandemic, has been introducing of measures which are affecting each and every one of us in some respect. The current circumstances are unprecedented and navigating family issues at this time can be tricky.

With the social distancing and self-isolation rules and the recent border closures, some families are experiencing concerns as to whether the current parenting arrangements should continue.

If there are court orders in place, those Orders need to be complied with while every safe to do so. If a parent is contemplating breaching Orders, they must have a reasonable excuse in do so or could face Contravention proceedings. The mere concern that a child may be exposed to COVID-19 is not a compelling enough reason.

If parents have concerns about their children moving between households, the first step should be to discuss these concerns with one another and devise a temporary solution. Where it is not safe to have these discussions directly, the parents should look at mediation options to assist them in navigating this difficult time.

Parents considering taking steps to alternate current care arrangements should seek legal advice first.

It is business as usual here at FEDOROV Family Lawyers. We are continuing to assist and support our clients in this great time of need through the use of technology such as Zoom, Skype, and telephone. If you are experiencing difficulties with your parenting arrangements due to COVID-19, give the team at FEDOROV Family Lawyers a call on 5667 2970.