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Five Tips for Hiring a Great Family Lawyer

Things can turn ugly when family problems find themselves among court rosters. In such situations, it’s best to have a great family lawyer on your case. Professional family lawyers know the ins and outs of various family legalities and can quickly help you get out of legal bottlenecks. However, finding the right family lawyer can be tricky. You need to consider several factors when choosing your family lawyers, their experience and rates being only some among several other factors. 

This blog tells you some tips that will help you find the right family lawyer.

Look for an experienced attorney

When looking for a family lawyer, you need to go for someone who has at least 8-10 years of experience representing parties in family disputes. This matters as with the number of years come increased exposure and real-world situational experience a fresh law graduate can not accumulate. Experienced family lawyers are also likely to have had the chance to take on various cases with different stakes, compared to someone with minimal or no experience.

Experienced lawyers may indeed not come cheap, but they are worth the price with the knowledge and skills they’ve honed over the years. 

Check whether the attorney has trial experience

Many lawyers prefer that family disputes be settled outside the court. It’s also the right choice to make in most situations as it saves you a lot of time and gets you a fair settlement. However, sometimes, a trial is the only option, and in such situations, you would want an attorney who has some provable trial experience. Courtroom trials have specific procedures, and the attorney needs to be acquainted with those to make a case in your favor in front of the judge and jury.

Family law should be their forte

Not every lawyer can argue every case that comes to them, as the law is vast. That’s why most lawyers specialize in a specific branch of law, such as criminal law or commercial law, to better help their clients. This way, they can become experts in their chosen field more quickly and know the ins and outs of the law more than anyone else. So always select a lawyer who primarily practices family law when choosing a family lawyer. 

They must be trustworthy

That you should never lie to your doctor and your lawyer, is a saying passed around for ages. It holds true, too, as lying to both of them will only bring you more trouble. However, opening up to a stranger about personal family issues that you’d just as soon keep private, can be pretty tricky. 

Therefore, your lawyer must be someone you can trust and can share personal details with, sans any hesitation. 

You can gauge whether you can trust your lawyers during your meetings with them. If you feel they understand your situation without judging you or any other family members and can communicate with you well, then that is a positive sign. Talking to their previous clients, if possible, can also help you find out if they’re trustworthy. 


Lawsuits can take months or years to reach a verdict or even settle outside the court. And you would want your family lawyer to be available during the entire course of the trial. So if the lawyer seems too busy or involved in multiple cases to give you due time, then you should consider other options. 

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