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Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan

Separation can be a complex and difficult time that creates change, adjustment and sometimes uncertainty. When there are children of the relationship, their best interests are paramount under the Family Law Act. The court aims to reduce the child’s exposure to conflict and provide a stable environment for the child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. It is fundamental that appropriate arrangements be put in place for the practical care of the child as well as their welfare and development.

Read on to know why having a parenting plan is essential for you and your family.

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is one such way. Essentially, a parenting plan is an agreement signed voluntarily by both parents that details provisions that cover the care, development and welfare of the child and accommodates the practical considerations of a child’s daily life. Parenting plans have the capacity to be flexible and unique to each circumstance, and may also cover provisions such as schooling, health care, co-curricular activities and even time spent on Roblox!

Difference between parenting orders and parenting plans

Unlike parenting orders, parenting plans are not legally enforceable and can be changed at any time (with the consent of the parties). However, parties can request the making of Consent Orders to legally formalise the terms of the plan. In low conflict cases where the parents are amicable, parenting plans are favourable. Not only do they reduce the costs, time, and emotional burden of court proceedings, but they can be changed to suit the child’s evolving and ever-changing needs. Conversely, in cases of high-conflict or reasonable likelihood of dispute, a parenting plan would not be appropriate.

How will a parenting plan assist?

It is encouraged that parenting plans be clear, concise, and practical. In an ideal world, separating parents would amicably work together to co-parent the child.  However, such is not the nature of family law. It is always recommended that parenting plans include provisions that allow for the varying of the plan and provide a remedy in the event dispute and conflict arise.

How FEDOROV Family Lawyers can assist you?

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Written by Sarra Davis