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Get legal help from experts who value your time and guide you through the process with compassion. 

Divorce Lawyers

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How a divorce lawyer can get you the best outcome 


Navigating the process of a divorce is no easy feat and it shouldn’t be undertaken alone. The emotional toll of a divorce can be steep, especially while finding your way through the legal system. Engaging with a dedicated divorce lawyer who is with you at every turn gives you confidence to move forward and the freedom to prioritise the important parts of your life. 


At FEDOROV Family Lawyers Gold Coast and Brisbane, we listen, understand and apply years of experience to make your life easier. While cost may be the reason you haven’t sought legal help previously, there are plenty of cases where family lawyers can find ways to save you money. Get in touch with our knowledgeable divorce lawyers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Geelong and Cottesloe.

Your unique circumstances require nuanced legal support 


Regardless of your life-stage, the breakdown of a marriage can be a fragile time in your life. At FEDOROV, we give you a tailored blueprint to help you identify a clear way forward that ensures the best possible result for your situation.  

When can I apply for a Divorce?

Once you have been separated for more than 12 months then you can apply for divorce 

What if we are still living under the same roof can we still apply for divorce?

You can apply for a divorce even if you are still living together however you will need to show the court that you are in fact separated and you can do this by preparing an affidavit to tell the court the date that you actually had the conversation that the relationship was at an end, that you thereafter moved into separate bedrooms and have been living as separately as you financially and otherwise albeit under the same roof.

Can I apply for a divorce if I was married overseas?

Yes you can apply for a divorce in Australia even if you were married overseas. As long as you have your marriage certificate and one of you permanently resides in Australia then you can apply for a divorce in Australia.

Can I apply for a divorce if I was married in Australia but I live overseas?

At least one of you (either yourself or your former spouse) must consider Australia as their home and reside here permanently to be permitted to apply for divorce in Australia.

When can I remarry after divorce?

You MUST wait until one month and one day after your divorce is granted by the court before you can remarry.

Does a divorce affect my Will?

Yes it does as any gift that you have left to your spouse in your will shall be void. You should seek legal advice in relation to preparing a new Will. 

Can I get a divorce without going to court?

FEDOROV Family Lawyers offer out of court solutions to quickly resolve family law disputes. 


Mediation is a quick, low-cost practical way to help mediate your disputes after separation. The family mediation process is voluntary and confidential. You can discuss arrangements with an impartial mediator in a safe neutral space. Find out more about our mediation process here. 


Collaborative law is an innovative way to resolve family law disputes respectfully, without going to Court. Marie Fedorov is a Collaborative Family Lawyer on the Gold Coast who can help you to have an easier divorce.