Domestic Violence Not Just Physical Violence
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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is not just Physical Violence

There are many misconceptions about what is considered Domestic Violence, and many people may not even be aware that they are experiencing domestic violence in a relationship.  

What is considered Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is more than just the physical form of violence; it can include other types of behaviours and aspects that are emotional, financial, or psychological. Here is what you should look out for in terms of Domestic violence behaviour:

  • Abusive behaviour that is threatening, coercive, controlling, or dominating 
  • Causes the fear of safety and wellbeing 
  • Causes long term harm 
  • Financial costly for all those involved 

This can fall under relationship abuse, child abuse, partner abuse as well as family violence. 

What can be done when there is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a serious matter and, in some cases, life-threatening. If you believe that you are in imminent danger or in fear of your life, the first point of contact is the Police.  

There are also organisations such as DV Connect that can assist those who are experiencing domestic violence by providing crisis care, relocation, counselling, and other support.  

Here at FEDOROV Family Lawyers Gold Coast and Brisbane, we understand that domestic violence is often a sensitive and difficult subject. We are experienced in dealing with domestic violence issues and can assist with legal assistance in a caring and respectful manner. 

Applying for a domestic violence protection order

Depending on your circumstances, you can apply for a domestic violence protection order (DVO) at a Magistrates Court, and FEDOROV Family Lawyers can assist you with this process.  

The DVO will require the Respondent (the person who is committing the domestic violence) to be of good behaviour and not commit an act of domestic violence towards the Aggrieved (the victim). Conditions may impose the Respondent not to:  

  • contact the Aggrieved 
  • come within 100 metres of the Aggrieved 
  • locate or attempt to locate the Aggrieved 
  • use the internet to communicate with, publish pictures of or comment about the Aggrieved 

The Court will also consider whether an Ouster Order should be put in place, requiring the Respondent to move out of the family home immediately.  

It is a criminal offence to breach an Order, resulting in severe penalties, including payment of fines, good behaviour bonds, and even imprisonment in extreme cases. 

Seeking legal advice for DVOs

If you have been served with a domestic violence protection order or seek legal assistance in applying for one, contact professional domestic violence(DV) lawyer who will provide you with detailed advice about your rights and obligations.

You must understand the conditions of the DVO, and if you are the Respondent, know how to respond and, regardless of whether you agree with the Order, that you do not breach the conditions. 

We are here to help

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