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Family Mediation

Family Dispute Resolution or Divorce Mediation

What is Mediation?

Family Law Mediation on the Gold Coast also known as Family Dispute Resolution or Divorce Mediation, is a better approach to end arguments between separating families. FEDOROV Family Lawyers can help from our office on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Geelong Victoria or Cottesloe WA.

Why choose Mediation?

Mediation is a low-cost, practical way to help mediate your dispute by using FEDOROV Family Lawyers to organise for the agreement that is reached to be drafted on the spot so that you can move on with your new life immediately.


Some family relationship centres in Australia can have you waiting up to 4 months. But at FEDOROV Family Lawyers we can book you in for your first mediation session within 7 days.


Experienced in the intricate laws of children’s matters, property settlement, and domestic violence, our family law mediators can help you compromise with your former partner on the division of assets and liabilities. Without eroding your property pool with expensive legal fees.

Family Law Mediation

The family mediation process is voluntary and confidential, where both can discuss issues to work out arrangements for children, finances, and property with an impartial mediator in a safe and neutral place.


The mediation will guide you both on how to build a solid parenting plan to eliminate endless disagreements and arguing.


If you are a separated couple that already have set parenting plan and who gets what assets, then you might be able to skip Family Mediation and we can simply prepare your agreement for a fixed fee.


So, settle it now. Choose Family Mediation to let your voice be heard and reduce the emotional and financial problems. In as little as ONE day.

7 Step Guide To The Mediation Process

Life’s too short to go to court!


Here is a 7-step guide to help you understand the mediation process and how the FEDOROV Family Lawyers help resolve matters after separation.


Choose FEDOROV Family Lawyers

To begin the mediate process by choosing FEDOROV Family Lawyers to give you a lasting outcome that doesn’t cost a fortune. Call our office on 1300 491 777 to begin.


A mediator will then call you

This is when one of our mediators will contact you so you can outline and discuss your individual requirements, concerns and the outcome you want from the mediation process.


Receive you mediation information pack

FEDOROV Family Lawyers will send your very own information pack and invoice to pay. This is where you complete and then return the enclosed questionnaire in the information pack and make payment using one of the various payment options available.


Your mediation mentor

Throughout the mediation process your mediation mentor will then contact you to provide you with the support and prepare you for the mediation. Ensuring that you get the most out of your mediation by being fully prepared so that the proceeding steps are successful.


Meditation time

This is when your nationally certified mediator works by bringing both members together to help resolve custody and property issues to then obtain an agreement about your parenting and property matters. It will establish how quickly you can move on with your life and regain independence.


After the mediation

Once the mediation has taken place our legal experts take over. They will then prepare the documents necessary to formalise the agreement reached. Then the documents are prepared for lodgement so that the divorce may become official and you don’t have to see a lawyer after the mediation.


The mediation process is complete

The wait is over, by finishing the simple family dispute resolution process you and your family can finally start to move on with peace of mind. Now you can begin your new life with your parenting and property matters resolved in one day, for a fixed fee.

Mediation FAQ’s

If an agreement is not reached at Mediation what happens?

First, do not worry! If mediation fails and an agreement is not reached, we can try again. You may have tried before, but we can try again. Or if you decide to go to court, we can issue an s60i certificate for you to confirm that you have attempted Mediation.

How much does Mediation cost?

With mediation being a cost-effective choice then going to court we understand that investing in mediation in order to reach an agreement can still be costly. That’s why we fit our services depending on what you need.


FEDOROV Family Lawyers offer packages ranging from just mediation or, the preparation of the documents necessary to formalise your agreement or the full Deluxe Suite which includes Mediation, the documents necessary to formalise your agreement and your Divorce Application.

Where does Mediation take place?

The process of Mediation is very flexible and can be accommodated to anyone. It can take place anywhere in Australia being over the phone/Facetime, face to face or in separate rooms. FEDOROV Family Lawyers can arrange a place at a location suitable to you, this can be at a family relationship centre.


We have mediators for Brisbane mediations, Melbourne mediations, Sydney mediations, Perth mediations, Canberra mediations, South Australia mediations and mediations in other regional areas such as North Queensland mediations, Central Coast mediations, Gold Coast mediations and more.

Do children attend Mediation?

No, just the both of you attend.