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Gold Coast Family Lawyers

Fedorov Family Lawyers are a Gold Coast family law firm with a strong interest in supporting their community. Active in both community and media, Marie Fedorov serves the local Gold Coast community with a passion for legal advocacy. Her experience as a Gold Coast family lawyer has lead her to create the Family Mediation Station as a way of giving divorcing families an option for mediating their separation.

Fedorov Family Law Gold Coast Services

Here are Fedorov Family Law we predominantly operate as a family law company. We focus our resources and experience toward servicing our clients going through separation and divorce. Areas of operation offered to Gold Coast clients include::
Divorce and property settlements
Parenting issues
Prenup Agreements
Defacto relationships
Domestic violence
Wills and estate
Collaborative Law

Committed To Resolving Family Law Issues

At Fedorov Family Lawyers we’re committed to resolving family law issues without undue legal process. Where we kind find agreement between aggrieved parnters we seak to forge mutually beneficial advantages. You can see this also in the creation of Family Mediation Station. This divorce in a day method of resolving separation conflicts takes the power out of the hands of lawyers and puts in back into the hands of the partners resolving the relationship.
There are many matters that can’t be resolved through mediation, and some where proper legal guidance is essential. You those you can turn to Fedorov Family Lawyers for honest and authoritative advice. We prepare wills and estates, prenup agreements and consult in all matters of family law.

A Local Gold Coast Law Firm

Based in Burleigh Heads on the south end of the Gold Coast, Fedorov Family Lawyers are an established Gold Coast family law company. Marie Fedorov is consulted widely for her opinions and appear numerous times in the Gold Coast media. For instance:
• Shocked woman finds out she owns 15 properties
• Gold Coast Lawyer develops strategy to acheive a divorce in a day
• Why you shouldn’t have your ex on Facebook
• How to tell if you’re addicted to your smartphone

It’s this interest in being part of the discource over family matters, as well as her expertise, that marks Marie Fedorov as a family lawyer passionately involved in her area of expertise.