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Surviving The Christmas School Holidays

Surviving The Christmas School Holidays A Guide For Separated Parents

The Christmas School holidays is often a stressful time for parents. Not only do parents have to manage their work and other commitments so that they can ensure that the children are looked after but there is also the financial pressure of paying all the bills whilst also covering Santa’s expenses.

For separated parents, the stress felt during the Christmas school holidays is often multiplied. Hopefully most parents already have a ‘plan’ in place as to who will be caring for the children over the school holidays, including on special days such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. If not, then here are a few of tips: –

1. The best interests of the children are paramount so try to put the children first. One way of doing that is avoiding conflict with the other parent as much as possible, particularly in front of the children.

2. Be careful in your communications with the other parent. Posting angry comments on Facebook, sending inflammatory text messages, or giving the other parent ‘a piece of your mind’ might seem like a good idea at the time but it may come back to ‘bite’ you. Often text messages, Facebook posts and the like are later used against a parent in Court. The last thing you want to do is give the other parent material to use against you.

3. Children value quality time over quantity of time. Children don’t measure their relationship with you by the number of nights they spend with you. There are many children who don’t see one parent as often as they see the other but they still have a close and loving relationship with both.

4. Avoid communicating with the other parent via the children. It’s not the responsibility of children to deal with adult matters such as parenting disputes. As hard as it may be to communicate with the other parent directly, do your best to shelter the children from any disputes. Let the children be children and enjoy Christmas and the holiday season whilst they are in your care and in the care of their other parent. 5.Remember that Christmas happens every year. If you do not see the children on Christmas this year, there is always next year. Make sure you get advice early in the New Year so you