What is Family Law?
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Family Law

What is Family Law?

Matters involving family relationships can be very emotional and stressful. While small quarrels can be amicably solved outside the court, some need to be taken inside and fought. To effectively handle these matters, family laws are created. Since these cases involve family relations and children in most situations, they should be handled with utmost care and compassion. Family law solicitors look over the smooth processing and ensure their client’s well-being.

So what is family law? Let us learn about it in detail-

What is Family Law?

Family law goes by different names like matrimonial law and law of domestic relations. It deals explicitly with family matters and anything that affects family relations. It can include-

  • Child custody
  • Divorces
  • Pre and post-nuptials agreements
  • Wills and real estate
  • Separation
  • Adoption
  • Paternity

Who is a Family Lawyer?

A family lawyer or family law solicitor represents their client’s family matter case in court or solves it outside one. They are professionally trained to counsel and work on issues that are involved in family law. They can also guide you through the challenging situations that family matters typically include.

How Can a Family Lawyer Help You?

The services of family lawyers vary by their specialization. Some areas where a family law solicitor can help you are-

  • Divorce: Marriage is basically a contract to live together. If a couple wants to break the marital bond, they have to apply for divorce and come to a settlement that respects the wishes of both parties. The family lawyer will also devise a plan to divide the assets and propose child custody and support.
  • Paternity: To determine and establish the child’s father, the mother can file a paternity case to secure child support through DNA testing. A father can also file for paternity if they want to have a legal relationship with their child.
  • Handling wills and estate: Family law solicitors help create an ideal estate plan for you, keep your testaments updated, and file essential paper works.
  • Property distribution: Most family matters involve property distribution quarrels between siblings and heirs. Family law solicitors can give an impartial view of the distribution plan and, if the need arises, represent your case in front of the court.
  • Legal separation: If a married couple wishes to live separately, they can apply for a legal separation. The court agrees to their arrangement, but they still remain married.
  • Adoption/ guardianship: If you wish to adopt a child, a family lawyer can prove your financial and emotional stability in front of the court and the adoption agency.
  • Child custody: Your family lawyer can help you get child custody in an ongoing divorce by supporting your case.

About FEDOROV Family Lawyers

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