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Separating? Who pays for what?

Money is a difficult conversation to have when you are in a relationship so it’s not surprising that when walking out of a relationship it is even harder.

That being said – it is now more important than ever because you need to *plan* for being on your own with the children or not and therefore surviving by yourself with one income or no income.

Imagine you separate, you take the children and then you find out that your access to funds have been cut off by your former partner (I’ve seen it happen). At this point you are defenceless. You need legal advice but you can’t afford it. So this is where I would strongly advise you to set up that bank account to start saving. The bank account needs to be in your own name or someone else’s (not your partner’s) and set it up with a friend/family members address.

I wish you well with setting up the above to safeguard you moving forward.

My next blog will help you with what to do next.

*In the meantime… if you need help with working out what your expenses are and how you will pay for everything give me a call and I can help you with this.*

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